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Adelphi Hashtags

Special Event Hashtags


Every Wednesday, show your school spirit by wearing the Brown and Gold! This hashtag is full of Panther pride and students showing off their school gear.


This new campus-wide and weekend long event brings the whole community together. This hashtag is full of fun and Panther pride!

Standing Hashtags (Year-round)


Hail Adelphi was the official University anthem from 1906 -1920.  Adelphi Athletics has adopted it as not only a hashtag but an ideal, to remind our students to honor the past while celebrating the accomplishments of the present.


This hashtag is all about pride in Adelphi and showing our colors.


This is the official Adelphi alumni hashtag. Use it to show your alumni pride and when catching up with your alumni friends and family, sharing news about Adelphi graduates or posting alumni profiles.


Whether you are a student, a member of the faculty, staff or an alum, once you are part of the Adelphi community, you are a Panther!


While this tag was created for Adelphi’s “Week in the Life” student Instagram takeover initiative, we encourage all students, faculty and staff to show off their Adelphi life!


This tag is used on various admissions materials that inform applicants they have been accepted to the Adelphi community.  It is also used during our Accepted Student Days.


Along with #AdelphiLife – this hashtag is meant to showcase what makes our community’s Adelphi special to them.


Everyone loves the bunnies at Adelphi–so much so, they are considered our unofficial mascot! 


This default tag is used to encompass all Adelphi events, whether a panel

discussion, guest speaker, AUPAC performance, etc. 


Whether you’re on the prowl for a job or internship, in need of tips for your next move or want to announce your big gig, show your panther pride via this Career Center hashtag.

Class Related (Year-round)

#AdelphiGrad2019, #AdelphiGradCaps19

Congratulations, Seniors! You’re almost there! You’ve worked hard, so why not show off your accomplishments, senior projects, internships, etc. For those of you who are creative, show off your decorated graduation caps using #AdelphiGradCaps19.

#Adelphi2019, #Adelphi2020, #Adelphi2021, #Adelphi2022

Rep your year!

Seasons (Year-round)

#AutumnAtAdelphi, #WinterAtAdelphi, #SpringAtAdelphi, #SummerAtAdelphi
Adelphi’s Garden City campus and various learning hubs are always picturesque. We encourage the use of these tags to showcase our beautiful school.

Seasonal Events

Twice a year, new and returning students move in to the seven residential halls on our Garden City campus. This hashtag is used by students who show off their decorated rooms and by the volunteers who help them move in. 


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